Airborne 75

29/04/2019 - 06/10/2019

Colchester Castle

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About this Display

Airborne 75 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day and other operations, which helped liberate Europe during 1944.

The display focuses on the Parachute Regiment, known as the Paras, who are an elite airborne infantry regiment of the British Army. The Regiment was formed during the Second World War and eventually raised 17 battalions including the 9th (Essex) Parachute Battalion. This Battalion was formed from the 10th Battalion The Essex Regiment in December 1942.

The 9th Battalion played an important role in the Normandy landings. Highly experienced specialists, the Paras had trained for many months to seize key objectives. On D-Day itself they set off from airfields across the UK to land in occupied France. Despite many being dropped outside their target areas they regrouped and took the enemy by surprise. They succeeded in storming the German gun battery at Merville which threatened the British landings at Sword Beach.

The 9th Battalion and the Parachute Regiment as a whole, fought with distinction for the remainder of the War.


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