Ghost Stories of Colchester Museums


Congratulations, you’ve uncovered one of our ghost stories. These are genuine accounts from former staff and visitors to the museums.

There are nine more to find, so keep your eyes peeled as you go deeper into Colchester Castle…

The Unwanted Visitor

A man was once walking through Hollytrees Museum with his daughter. They entered one of the rooms full of costume. As they were standing admiring the displays, the girl appeared to get anxious and wanted to go.  

“Why do you want to leave sweetie?” the man asked kindly. 

“I don’t like the lady” she whispered back.

“Those are just mannequins sweetheart, you don’t need to worry about them” he comforted her. 

“No!” the girl replied, “the lady standing next to me!” 

They were alone in the room…

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Saved for the nation, ‘Walton Bridges’ will be on display at Colchester Castle from the 26 September 2020 – 28 March 2021.

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