Museum Sessions

Whether you are teaching in school or remotely, our museum sessions are designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Our physical and virtual packages are led by trained Museum Assistants and offer a fun way to explore the museums.

“We arrived back at school after a busy, educational and thought-provoking day. It was very fun. I will remember that day forever.” – Year 4 Pupil


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We would like to thank MHA Colchester for their support of Museum Sessions at Colchester Castle.

Visiting Colchester Castle

Castle As Homes

An exciting day exploring Colchester Castle as a home. Dress up in our colourful knight’s tabards and experience what it was like to live and work in the Castle.

Romans In Colchester

Take on the role of archaeologists and learn about the events that led up to Boudica’s revolt and discover the impact this had on people’s lives.

Knightzzz At The Museum

Bring your class to Colchester Castle for the night and take learning to a whole new level. Children will have the chance to discover the museum’s galleries before sleeping in the wonderful setting of Europe’s Largest Norman Keep!

Visiting Hollytrees Museum

Toys And Homes

The amazing Hollytrees dolls house gives children a birds-eye view of life in the past. Dress up in aprons or waistcoats and travel back in time.

Visiting the Natural History Museum

A child's hands are engaged in stacking and arranging a collection of wooden animal toys on a light surface. The visible toys include a giraffe, a dinosaur, and part of a crocodile, all crafted with a rich attention to detail and painted in natural, vibrant colours such as greens, browns, and a striking red. The focus on the child's small hands assembling the giraffe atop the dinosaur suggests a playful and educational interaction with these tactile wooden figures.

Group Mini Museum Explorers

Colchester’s Natural History Museum gives a perfect environment for our youngest visitors to discover the world of science and history through story, explorative play, craft and guided activities. 

Remote Learning

Castle in the Classroom

Whether you’re in school or teaching remotely, we can help. Our new 360 digital schools packages offer all the fun and learning of a visit to Colchester Castle without the travel and additional paperwork!

Dead Interesting

We have partnered with FutureLearn and the University of Reading to bring you a FREE, online archaeology course. Aimed at adults, this exciting new course is for anyone with a keen interest in history and archaeology, particularly Roman Britain.

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Exhibitions + Displays

Our displays showcase the variety of the collections from art to archaeology, costume to clocks.


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