Museum Sessions

Our sessions are led by our team of trained Museum Assistants and are a fun way to explore your chosen venue.

Interact, dress up and explore the rich history Colchester has to offer.


“We arrived back at school after a busy, educational and thought provoking day. It was very fun. I will remember that day forever.

Year 4 pupil


Castle As Homes

An exciting day exploring Colchester Castle as a home. Dress up in our colourful knight’s tabards and experience what it was like to live and work in the Castle.

Toys And Homes

The amazing Hollytrees dolls house gives children a birds-eye view of life in the past. Dress up in aprons or waistcoats and travel back in time.

Romans In Colchester

Take on the role of archaeologists and learn about the events that led up to Boudica’s revolt and discover the impact this had on people’s lives.

Victorian Lives

Explore the status, fashion and materials as you dress as Mr and Mrs Round including corset and top hat. Discover what was involved in doing the household’s laundry.

What's On


Discover something new in Colchester.

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Exhibitions + Displays

Our programme aims to showcase the variety of the collections from art to archaeology, costume to clocks.

Where will your adventure start?