Teacher Resources

Borrow one of our loan boxes to bring objects from the past into your classroom, inspiring children’s imagination at the start of a project. They can help develop your class’s enquiry skills and are a great tool to support post-visit work. 

If you fancy browsing our collections at your own pace, we also have a range of resources that are designed to assist teachers and students on self-guided tours. Alternatively, they can be used to support independent learning in the classroom.

Loan Boxes


Investigate how technology has changed during the 20th century and test out some gadgets and gizmos that were cutting edge.

Stone Age To Iron Age

Our newest loan box contains a range of quality replicas and collection objects that will help your class develop an understanding of the development of daily life.

Rocks And Fossils

Handle real fossils and rock samples to explore the world Under your Feet.


Explore life in World War II through objects, photos and documents.

William Gilberd

William Gilberd was a Tudor doctor born in Colchester. He became physician to Elizabeth I and in his spare time, he conducted experiments in magnetism and static electricity.

Victorian Kitchen

Learn about the practicalities and extravagances of Victorian cooking with this loan box.

Victorian Fashion

Looking good, Victorian style!  Find out what Victorian children and adults would have worn and even try on some replica outfits yourself!

Victorian Childhood

Explore Victorian Childhood.

Tudor And Stuart

Basic daily tasks were much more complicated 500 years ago. Investigate how the Tudors and Stuarts survived and thrived without electricity and modern machinery.

Siege Of Colchester

From weapons to warmth, learn about the daily lives of soldiers and everyday people during the English Civil War.


This loan box contains items relating to daily life in Ancient Rome. Specific discussion topics could relate to decorating a home, trade and production of pottery and clothing.

Ancient Greece

Learn about the development of Greek artist styles and discover the importance of agriculture, religion and symposia with ancient objects from over 2000 years ago.

Ancient Egypt

Explore the world of the pharaohs by handling authentic ancient artefacts and investigating the beliefs, customs and everyday lives of Ancient Egyptians.

Downloadable Resources

Fenwick Hoard

The Fenwick Hoard is a significant set of evidence for the history of Colchester and is on display at the Castle. It gives insight into Roman daily life, military, fashion, and the devastating effects of the Boudican Revolt.

Introduction to Archaeology

The presentation and activities are designed to prepare your class for their visit to Colchester Castle. They can also be used following the visit to reinforce ideas discussed.

Bronze Age

An overview of Bronze Age Essex with activity examples and detailed descriptions of bronze age objects in the collections of Colchester and Ipswich Museums.

Stone Age

An overview of Stone Age Essex with activity examples and detailed descriptions of Stone Age objects in the collections of Colchester and Ipswich Museums.

Learning from Objects

The presentation and activities are designed to help teachers use objects with their classes. They can also be used following a visit to reinforce the ideas discussed.

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