Loan Boxes

Borrow one of our loan boxes to bring objects from the past into your classroom, inspiring children’s imagination at the start of a project. They also help develop your class’s enquiry skills and are a great tool to support post-visit work.

Boxes contain a mix of replica and real objects, photos, documents and teacher’s notes.


This loan box contains items relating to daily life in Ancient Rome.  Specific discussion topics could relate to decorating a home, trade and production of pottery and clothing, food production, writing, children’s schooling, games and dress

Detailed object notes and student worksheets accompany all loan boxes.

This loan box contains:

  • Mosaic
  • Oil lamp
  • Wall plaster
  • Clay figure (replica)
  • Spindle whorl
  • Iron nail
  • Iron cramp
  • Video of Roman Colchester
  • Gaming counter
  • Wax tablet (replica)
  • Stylus
  • 6-10 coins (replica)
  • Coarseware pottery
  • Grey ware pottery
  • Samian ware pottery
  • Oil lamp (replica)
  • Toga
  • Mortaria (replica)

Exact contents may vary slightly between our Roman loans boxes

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