Loan Boxes

Borrow one of our loan boxes to bring objects from the past into your classroom, inspiring children’s imagination at the start of a project. They also help develop your class’s enquiry skills and are a great tool to support post-visit work.

Boxes contain a mix of replica and real objects, photos, documents and teacher’s notes.

Stone Age To Iron Age

Our newest loan box contains a range of quality replicas and collection objects that will help your class develop an understanding of the development of daily life, technology and agriculture in pre-historic Britain.

Detailed object notes and student worksheets accompany all loan boxes.

Stone Age to Iron Age box 1 contains:

  • Replica flint axe (black)
  • Worked flint axe head (grey)
  • Replica Dagenham idol—approx. 2500 BC—Neolithic (Early Bronze age)
  • Worked stone axe head
  • Bronze axe head
  • Bronze Age Pottery fragment
  • Red cooking Beaker
  • Drop spindle
  • Bronze mirror
  • Woollen tunic
  • Deer antler
  • Cow horn
  • Pottery loom weights

Stone Age to Iron Age box 2 contains:

  • Hand axe
  • Flint Core
  • Replica Worked flint axe
  • Flint Knife
  • Replica stone hammer axe 
  • Replica bronze axe
  • Replica Red cooking pot
  • Replica Drop spindle whorl
  • Replica Woollen tunic
  • Deer antler
  • Cow horn
  • Replica Pottery loom weights

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